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Asking your sexual, reproductive, and wellness questions to your healthcare provider can sometimes be awkward or nerve-wracking. But, it doesn’t have to be with the support of Let’s Chat. Below are some tips when asking your healthcare provider your questions.

Will the questions I save today be sent to me before my appointment begins?

Yes! When you are done selecting your questions, click the submit button in the “Saved” tab. The questions will be emailed or texted to you shortly after submitting.

What if I have more or less than three questions to ask?

Any amount of questions you select is perfectly fine. Usually a healthcare provider only has time during the appointment to answer a few questions.

What if I’m uncomfortable asking my question(s) in front of my parent or guardian in the exam room?

Usually, the healthcare provider will ask a parent or guardian to step out of the room at some point during your appointment. However, if this doesn’t happen, you can use the number on the question to ask your healthcare provider your question. For example, you can say, “I have a question about #10.” If you don’t want to say the number out loud, we’ll send you medically accurate resources to follow up on your questions.

What if I forget my questions?

We’ll email or text you the questions you selected so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them. We suggest keeping your phone with you during your appointment so you’ll have your questions easily available to ask.

When am I supposed to ask my questions during my appointment?

Usually, the healthcare provider will ask you if you have any questions. This could happen at the beginning, middle, or end of your appointment. But, sometimes this doesn’t happen. If they don’t ask you if you have question, you can say something like this: “Before my appointment is over, I have a few questions I want to ask”

What if my healthcare provider doesn’t ask me if I have any questions?

If the healthcare provider doesn’t ask you if you have question, you can say something like this: “Before my appointment is over, I have a few questions I want to ask.”

What is the best way to remember the answer the healthcare provider tells me about my question?

We suggest writing notes in your phone or on a piece of paper. If you are unable to write any information down, ask your provider if they have resources they can provide you that you can take home.